For the compassionate and passionate mother who wants to reclaim her best life in the mess of life.


Connect with yourself. In the space of stillness so you can feel into what it is you want and need.


Trust yourself, you know what is right for you, step forward with courage.


Live for yourself, with intention from a place of love, joy and contribution.


You are a compassionate, nurturing woman, always uplifting others...

but there is no space to express what's real for you.

Your passion places are driven by love and dedication...

but you find yourself always saying 'hang on a sec' to your children.

You notice there is a lot of 'outward' giving...

but you don't know when and how to say no.



It's time for you to get yourself into the picture! Because you need to fill your cup first, so you can contribute with passion and purpose.

  • When you create space to listen into your needs...

  • When you invite in the courage to be the woman who knows what she wants...

  • When you become aware of the positive contribution you can make within your family and community space, because you have started saying 'YES TO YOU"...


Life becomes less about feeling stretched and overwhelmed, juggling all of the responsibilities of motherhood and work and more about your journey towards personal growth and empowerment, knowing that your own cup is always full, because you matter too”

LIFE becomes fun, magical even, as you allow yourself to reclaim the best parts of you. Living in the full experience.


  • You could explore through 'real talk' how you can continue doing the work that lights you up, whilst living in the mess of life.

  • You had a supportive community space to provide you with the tools, resources, and camaraderie you need to fiercely honour your needs, rediscover your passions, and restore balance to your life.

  • You could be part of a group of women, who also find themselves 'over giving', who are real, passionate and are ready to say yes to what they want. With lots of 'cheerleading' each other along the way.

Are you ready to become intentional and reclaim your best life with your whole heart?

The Soul Presence Membership is for

'Real' women who want their work and family life to feel purposeful, passion filled AAAAND grounded without abandoning yourself in the process.

Women who know the value of being in community with like minded women, the conversations that lead to greater understanding of self and others and of course the cheer leading to keep them track.

And together these women can support each other to get back onto the top of their list, reclaiming themselves

Does this sound like the right place for you?

If it’s a YES, then wonderful!

THE THING IS we often find it hard to justify spending time 'in quiet', like I mean actually staying still and listening into your needs, - but the reality is, when we don't, we feel so overwhelmed with tasks and drained in energy that we end up doing nothing at all!

No one is getting the best of you, especially not you.

Of course there are those fleeting moments of bliss, but the next moment your children are in an argument and you are straight back to being of service again. Always holding the space.

Or how about those times when you finally sit down of an evening (the only spare one you have that week) and you are still feeling the buzz of anxiety because you think you missed something important. Can you ever just relax!

We'd love for you to join us in SOUL PRESENCE AS ONE OF OUR JOURNEY WOMEN so that you don’t continue on this pathway to burnout and imbalance, or resorting to stranding yourself on a desert island with a sign in the sand that says 'please don't rescue me'!



In a world that often encourages us to lead with our minds, this 'Soul Presence Journey' reminds us of the power and wisdom that resides within our hearts.


Create some space for stillness so you can listen in to the quiet whispers.


Open up to the possibilities of welcoming back your playful & creative self.


Trust your choices, as doing what you love is important.


Share and express your needs with compassion, loving boundaries and assertiveness .


Live from heart while creating a positive ripple affect across your family, community and the world!


women who...

  • Have had their awakening moment and are ready to invite in what their best life actually means, how it looks and feels.

  • Enjoy getting curious and leaning into what no longer works for them.

  • Are ready to develop an unwavering trust in the fact that you matter.

  • Allow themselves permission to get back on top of their list, giving themselves a red hot go, because they know they are worth it.

  • Are excited about the idea of reigniting their creative magic.

  • Understand that it is their actions which bring about change in their life.

  • Are ready to embrace a community of warm encouraging women.

'SOUL PRESENCE' is NOT for those who

  • Are looking for a quick fix to a happier life.

  • Avoid leaning in and looking that bit deeper.

  • Are lit up by drama and gossiping.

If you’re like us, you’ve scanned down the page wondering what bang you get for your buck.

Well we are here to let you know, its not just a Membership, its a Journey...


So it's sounding pretty juicy... but you are a details person, right?

We get it, you'd like to know the when and where!

Well the great thing about "Soul Presence" is it does not require you to be available on any certain day as the sessions will be pre-recorded and the live sessions will be recorded and available to you, when you are ready. The interactive group space will be available for connection all throughout the month.

There will be 2 spaces that we will be playing in:

1. Our Facebook “Soul Presence” Group - Our “Journey women” connection and community space

2. The Membership Portal (accessible via access code) where you will find the recordings and printable bundles

Each Month will have a juicy theme. Through fun, uplifting and nourishing experiences  we explore these themes

WEDNESDAYS will be the day that we release new parts of the JOURNEY. 

1st Week - The Bundle drop and your LIVE Cuppa and Chat. This is where the theme of the month will be introduced and the printable bundle will support this further

2nd Week - Pre-recorded Breathwork session

3rd Week - Creating Connections - Meet your Journey Woman

4th Week - Pre-recorded or LIVE Expressive and Mindful Art session (looking to offer most live as this holds the most impact)

5th Week - Sometimes we get an extra Wednesday in the month so look out for an exciting surprise (most brought to you LIVE for more opportunities for connection)


Hello! I'm Mel & I'm Nat

We are two Biz Mumma's from Ocean Grove, Australia that unintentionally found ourselves last on our list. After living by the, 'myth of what makes a wonderful mother', countless sacrifices, sleepless nights, mental load, invisible work and constant giving and caring for others, all whilst juggling our soul led business spaces, we both lost ourselves, abandoned our needs and tilted out of balance.

Eventually we had, had enough. We learnt to get curious about our situations, play with the possibilities and now as we say YES to ourselves again, we live intentional and heart led lives.

A huge part of our journey was our supportive community in the space of our weekly sister circle... A safe space to explore all the feels and empower each other with ways to shine our light, honouring our needs and in turn creating positive change within our families, home life and the wider community. This was part of our inspiration for SOUL PRESENCE.

Our hearts have led us to here!

What Soul Presence Women are saying...

I crave spaces like 'Soul Presence". A space to connect with other women. A space where I know I can be heard and supported by other women who are there for the same reasons, and understand what I'm going through... and lean on for support which is priceless really. It has allowed me a safe space to open up, shed some layers and create space for other things to come through. It's been a journey of self discovery i've gotten to know myself on a deeper level and becoming more aware has helped me be kinder to myself in this juggle of life. - Alexa

I've never been part of anything like this. I don't usually give myself enough space to talk about things and reflect. It's been so special because it is something just for me. A lot of my progression and personal growth has come from this 'Soul Presence' space. I especially love the live cuppa and chats and being able to listen to other's stories and input from a different perspective, in turn helping me see my own things from a different perspective. It's truly lovely to feel that you are not just having other people help you, but you are in turn contributing and able to help other women also.- Catherine

I felt supported and nurtured by Mel and Nat. I felt held and safe in their presence. Never was their a hint of Judgment or criticism in anything that I brought up. They are both beautiful human beings - Kerry

I really enjoyed being in both Nat and Mels energy. Nat is so authentic, vibrant, charismatic. Mel is warm, gentle, kind and incredibly intuitive and observant. Like a beautiful Mum Hug - Trish

I love Mel and Nats countless hours holding space, speaking truth, enabling and empowering women to open up, speak up and heal. Very Powerful. - Tamara


An inspired heart led woman creates SOUL PRESENCE wherever she goes and together with her ‘Journey Women’ she will create a ripple effect of magic, sprinkling that shit everywhere. 

Soul presence has really helped me take a pause and I'd say to anyone considering to "absolutely go for it!" You can put in as much or as little as you want to put in, its designed in a way that there is no pressure, however the more you put in, I feel the more you get out of it. To be able to be heard and know you are being seen is so empowering. Its reminded me that "I matter" -Catherine

"If you are considering "Soul Presence", if it feels like this opportunity is pulling you towards or calling you in, take it, run with it because you don't have to do it alone. There are other women feeling exactly the same way and we all need support. This sort of space is necessary... the world needs more of it and if you can access it, take it" -Alexa

Grab your Keys and Go PODCAST


Join us as we have relatable and entertaining conversations that will support women to use their gaps of space intentionally, to embrace self care, conquer unnecessary guilt and rediscover what lights them up, in turn living a more Heart Led Life.

Here we will lean into the funny side while we get curious about the possibilities of moving from MESS to YES!

Soul Presence Retreats

Our intention for the Soul Presence Retreat is to create a safe and nurturing space for you to Release, Relax and Reconnect with your truest nature through a beautiful balance of immersion experiences & Spaciousness. Welcoming in abundance of clarity and deep connections, so that you can show up in your each and every day inviting in gratitude, a deeper sense of joy, flow, presence and love. From fun Grab your Keys and Go Girls weekends, to Service provider retreats in which those that continuously serve in their work spaces, have a place that they can Receive.

"She heard the whispers of something awaken inside her, and she knew that she could no longer keep quiet, her heart wanted more for her and it was time to move into alignment with her highest expression, creativity and truth 

She packed her courage and stood her ground and was now unshakable in her belief that

she was worthy of a life of magic.

And she knew that the only person who could give her that...was herself"


- Soul Presence -

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