Whether you are looking to nurture yourself or buying a gift for a friend or loved one we have created some beautiful

combination treatments  for you to choose from or you can create your own combination of therapies to:

Relax your body ~ Restore your balance ~ Renew your energy


Signature Reflexology Treatment (combining face, hands & feet)   

Surrender yourself to this powerful healing modality. This treatment provides a full body reflexology experience combining a relaxing head massage with facial, ear, hand and foot reflexology to eliminate tension, remove toxins, promote a deep sense of presence and restore balance to your Mind, Body and Soul.

Signature Hot Stone Treatment (Full body HS massage & HS foot reflexology)    

Experience total relaxation with a full body Hot Stone Massage followed by Hot Stone Foot Reflexology to dissolve any stress or tension as the warmth of the basalt stones bathe your body and your feet with their healing properties restoring your natural balance, leaving you feeling grounded and full of bliss.

Relaxation Massage with Foot Reflexology   

Recover from the stresses of daily life and sink into the flowing, rhythmic movements of a relaxation massage combined with a foot reflexology treatment to rebalance and ground your body and revitalise you with a sense of calmness and wellbeing.

Back, Neck & Shoulder massage with Face & Foot Reflexology 

Relax, Restore and Renew as you experience the many benefits of these powerful healing therapies combined together to help to remove toxins and ground your body, clear your mind and rebalance your energy promoting a state of deep relaxation where true healing occurs.

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Therapies offered at Soul Presence are complementary only and are not a substitute for professional medical care or prescription medication.

 We do not diagnose nor promise any cures of any diagnosed medical conditions. The  therapies offered are for relaxation purposes only.

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